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To make a reservation: Choose the table size by clicking on the down arrow. When choosing a day, click on the date shown (NOT THE CALENDAR ICON) this will display a calendar, pick the date. Add any additional information. Hit Make Order & we will send you a email confirmation upon receipt. IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES TRYING TO MAKE A RESERVATION REFRESH YOUR BROWSER THEN TRY AGAIN. IF IT STILL DOESNT WORK PLEASE CALL US AT 585-363-5100 IF NO ONE ANSWERS LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL CALL YOU BACK

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Additional Info:

  • Phone: 585-363-5100
  • Address: 274 Goodman Street North, Rochester, NY, USA (Map)
  • Additional Information: After parking you can enter through "ENTRANCE B" under the awning (to the left to the Children's Institute) in the back of the building or through the court yard
Please let us know if you are going to a show after dinner so that we can try to better accommodate your need to be out on time to get to the show. 
We are located in the Village Gate in the space formally occupied by the Gate House Restaurant.
We will try to accommodate any special needs or requests for any seating and will contact you if there is any issue.
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