Tom Polizzi


Tom's 44 years of experience has come by working at some of the finest restaurants in Rochester such as Tournedos Steak House, Rooney's, The Rochester Club, The Olive Tree, Richardson's Canal House, Park Avenue Pub, Guido's Pasta Villa, Llyod's, Hogan's Hideaway, Thruway Marriott, Airport Marriott and Stouffer's Hotel. Tom also served as the chef and car fueler for the Berg Race Team

Michael Ernst

Sous Chef

Mike, who is the owners son in law, has been in the food industry for a number of years. He ran the burger bar and worked in many of the prepared foods areas at the Pittsford Wegmans. Also having worked at Don’s Original form many years.

Thomas "Marty" Moriarty


Marty and Tom grew up across the street from one another and have known each other their entire lives. Marty is a retired Marine Veteran who worked in the commissary for the Rochester Fast Ferry, helped in the reopening of Deerfield country club where he worked for 4 years and was also the north east regional chef for Holiday Resorts retirement homes.

Linda Ortiz


Linda has been in the restaurant business for most of her life. Her family owned the former Streppa's Bistro in Webster and she also worked at the Grape Vine in East Rochester.

Kim Banker


Kim worked under Chef Polizzi for almost 9 years at Tournedos Steak House before working at the Grapevine Restaurant. Kim has worked at Wegmans for over 20 years doing everything from prepared foods to Sushi

Stephen Ward


Stephen has over 40 years experience in the food service industry including The University Club, Jeremiah's Tavern and Aramark Foods

Brian Eddy


Brian is a SOTA alumni and a member of the NOTA community. Brian comes to us with 10 years of bar tending experience along with having been a assistant food and beverage director at Morton's the Steakhouse, Holiday Inn and TGIF Fridays

Yosef "Joe" Bar-Tzur


Joe joined our team in May of 2018 after spending the previous 15 years bar tending at Remington's Restaurant. Joe also worked a Jillians in Rochesters upper falls area

Eileen Yates


Kristi Holler


Along with serving at Polizzi's Kristi is also a counselor at Byron Bergen High School

Jessica Boddery


Dahlia Merced


Kellie Friga


Angie Palma


Angie has been a server for a number of years worked for & worked for both Locus Hill Country Club and Applebees as a server. She also has her own home cleaning service

Jacquie Chatterton


Jacquie has many years of experience from hostess to server to bartender having work with the owner in the past at the Rochester Club & Tony's Bootlegger restaurants

Kathryn Shaw


Connor Ernst

Dishwasher/ Busser

Connor working his 1st job is the son of Sous Chef Mike Ernst and the owners grandson